Mar 252011

By Peter Hendry, Web Site Manager, Property match (UK).
To put the record straight, for the benefit of any practicing estate agents reading this, I’ve nothing against you either personally or professionally.

My aspiration is to try and help you as a group, using the 30+ years of experience I’ve amassed in the residential property sector, but this does involve allowing some extra competition into the present mix.

Seeing that things are not going well right now for the housing market, and seeing that just a small change could make a huge difference, I simply wish to offer, what I perceive to be, helpful advice about how to improve the level of successful transactions taking place in the UK.

Of course, if practicing estate agents either dislike that advice, think it is useless, or simply don’t want any advice; that’s their prerogative.
I merely intend to proffer the advice, rather than allow the opportunity itself to be lost.
Having now done that, even though some of you have rejected it, I feel my role is fulfilled. I am happy that I have fulfilled my intention. I am sorry that those that have rejected the planned market improvements, appear to be reluctant to embrace new ideas of this kind.

I wish you all well, and hope houseowners will benefit, more and more, from the good service you are, potentially, able to provide.

One thing: I happen to feel that no one group should be monopolising house-marketing and for that reason, want to give the public the choice of whether to sell houses using estate agents, or to use online services like ours instead.

We have developed the business model for providing online house marketing for the whole UK market by incorporating a small up-front charge for registration, unlike Tepilo for example, which is based on the American model and uses free up-front registration. We believe our business model is better because it reduces the number of houses likely to be marketed at unrealistically high asking prices.

As far as I am concerned, business ventures should be free to create new online services like this and no-one has any right to try and suppress someone else’s creations, just because the new proposals are in competition with their own.

The team, working on developing the Property Match online service, and the business model itself, is being discredited by some estate agents, we think rather maliciously and for no justifiable reason, other than to try and discourage others from benefiting from it.

I happen to consider this behaviour is wrong. If anyone, be they a group or an individual has genuine reservations about what is being proposed, they are naturally free to approach us to discuss their concerns frankly and amicably, without broadcasting them online beforehand.

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