Nov 222011

House asking prices are up, down, all over the place, and way out of kilter with earnings, across the UK, because estate agents aren’t being ‘clean’ about what achievable prices are. Instead they simply tend to force them further upwards, in an effort to continue to fill their windows; while the market collapses.

We’ve had personal experience of this currently when we found it impossible to move from Nottingham to Cornwall in a chain, owing to unrealistically high asking prices in Cornwall, combined with most houses failing to sell there for many months. This coupled with a lack of genuine offers in Nottingham caused by confusion about what houses should fetch there, resulted in complete chain failure caused primarily by inconsistent asking prices. This is what’s causing market stagnation. If anyone suggests to us that ‘the market’ can sort things out for itself, we answer: “You must be kidding!”

We expect a howl of dissent from various quarters now that the Government has indicated that it’s primary response is to assist first-time buyers wishing to buy new built units. They’re completely missing the underlying cause of the problem, in our view and a notable number of dissenters (over 1,200) have commented about it on the BBC web page:
A BBC page on the Government’s approach. This strongly suggests that many people are unhappy with the action they’ve come up with so far.

It’s no good simply building new ‘affordable’ houses (which will take years to build and with substantial numbers only able be built at a comparatively slow trickle anyway, compared with the number of new houses currently needed).

Instead we need to get the market back into gear, right now - and the economy helped in the process of doing that.

This can only be done by changing the way in which houses are currently sold by estate agents. That’s what’s urgently needed. Who, if anyone else out there, can see that?

Why won’t our Coalition Government grasp the nettle, as a team, for everyone’s benefit and without further delay?

What is needed is restored market fluidity and more stability in house prices - as well as an increased pace of new build. More about how to do all this can be found on:
Property Match (UK)/Full Reasoning, or provided by the author upon request.

The Government was been approached on this earlier but hasn’t even seen fit to invite discussions about it. We suggest this is utterly unacceptable to the majority of thinking voters.

Posted by: Property Match (UK)/Full Reasoning: Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

Nov 112011

Today is a poignant day to publish a statement about remembering the ills of the past and also to acknowledge the continual need for change for the better, in our modern society.

Unlike James Murdoch, Chairman of News International and the hacking scandal perhaps, we are actively wishing to rid the world of another scourge of our society; that of bad estate agency. It’s because of bad and unethical practices that people are experiencing poor performance and the inability to be able to move house when they need to. We’re saying, someone needs to sit up and take notice of this.

Property Match (UK), has developed a new strategy for getting the housing market back up and running as well as for keeping it active, by stopping the recurrent house price booms and busts from being influenced, to quite such an extent, by big fluctuations in the main economy, like the one that we’ve recently witnessed.

Peter Hendry, a Consultant in Housing Valuation, working at Property Match (UK) based in Nottingham says “My theories are not rocket science but are based on the valuable experience I have gained from having worked in the property sector for more than thirty years, and from carefully observing the issues involved”.

Change is the only way forward in everything. No-one can dispute that. Change for the better is what is desperately overdue - to improve the way the UK housing market operates.

It’s now important, for the politicians making our laws and running our country, to realise that they need to intervene to resolve the financial crisis impacting the housing market. That is their proper function. By doing so, they should help to resolve the economic and trading imbalances which would help the housing market as part of our national economy. In fact the housing market is the perfect place to begin the whole process of economic recovery.

We say, like the people braving the cold and sleeping in tents in towns squares and other prominent places, this change is overdue, that they are right.

Like them, we are asking the same sort of questions: For example, “Why is nothing being done to confront bad practices, of the kind that are crippling our nation’s housing market?”

It’s essentially a question of those who see no evil, being myopic (or exhibiting short-sightedness) when it comes to seeing the need to change things for the better. That is what is so sad about our country, at present.

If estate agents themselves don’t sort the mess out, someone else should instead, sort out the estate agents themselves, and that ‘someone’, would ideally need to be our Government.

Unfortunately, as nothing effective is being done by Government, then exactly like the protesters camping and campaigning against many other issues ranging from inequality to corporate greed, those wishing to sell and move house need to protest, by acting for themselves, and selling direct.

Fortunately, instead of everyone having to camp out in town, what we need to do, driven on by the enthusiasm of these intrepid demonstrators, is simply ask ourselves the question ‘What DO estate agents do, that we can’t?

The answer is essentially what Phil Spencer explains in his ‘Secret Agent‘ series recently broadcast on Channel 4. Selling a house, is really just about knowing what price to ask and secondly knowing how to present the house for sale, in an effective way.

However, rather like cooking a sumptuous meal for a close friend, it’s best to have a bit of knowledge and practice if you want to be sure to get it right.
If you don’t have all the experience you’ll need, it’s best to get this advice from people who have. “That is exactly what we’re offering,” says Peter Hendry.

“Instead of using an estate agent to provide this advice, it’s now OK to use the Internet direct. After all, that’s what the Internet was originally devised for.”

“The web site, Property Match (UK), is designed not only to enable people to sell or let houses direct, it also provides all the necessary advice and expertise that they would need to do this.

Understandably however, such advice cannot be free. In order to provide such objective advice, people using our new service need to value it enough to pay a small sum to use it. Unlike the notion of providing free services for all (which often tend to be poor services) we wish to revert to the old maxim “Anything that’s worth something has a value”.

Good advice is, and always has been, worth paying for. It’s paying too much for too little (or ending up paying for no advice at all) that has been the main problem. For this reason everyone should stop using estate agents, who charge excessive amounts for poor advice.

Secondly, free house advertising web sites need to be avoided - because they have no intrinsic value. If they did, people would pay something for what they have to offer. It’s communistic to bring in the notion of being able to have useful services free of charge! For that reason these sites actually need to go. It’s obvious if you think about it.

Why? Because a lot of property advertised on free to advertise web sites is overpriced, poorly presented and inadequately marketed - just like many of the houses sold by estate agents! Do you really want your property to be in amongst all of that? Property Match (UK) says, hopefully not!

People need the Internet but they also need a little help, to get everything right in order to maximise their marketing potential. Property Match (UK) is online to provide such advice, not only by assisting vendors to set the correct asking price in the current market using our informative online advice, but also to enable them to show their property in a way that demonstrates that they are serious about selling to genuine online viewers.

It’s time to stand up and make the changes needed to straighten-up our stumbling housing market, and thus help the rest of our economy in the process.
If our Government won’t do it for us, we should be doing it for ourselves?
The World would become a better place, if many of us were to start doing that.

Posted by: Property Match (UK): The modern way to market houses