Dec 272011

RICS Homebuyer Reports are all too often, fundamentally misleading and are therefore not fit for purpose anymore.

That’s the conclusion by one of the old guard amongst surveyors who used to do these in the days when you could just tell it like it was.

There are problems nowadays. One, is the requirement to pepper all reports with copious quantities of disclaimers, caveats and suggestions to get further tests and more specialist reports. The result of all of this is often that most ordinary buyers will simply not understand the relative seriousness and insignificance of what are often minor matters and will take fright, often deciding against buying the house at all!

A second problem is that surveyors are discouraged from saying what’s good about any particular house (incase they might make a mistake). Not exactly helpful!

Surely even-handedness is what’s really hoped for by both buyers and vendors, not the expensive fence-sitting verbiage and the arse-protecting garbage that we get in survey reports nowadays.

The RICS ought to sit up and take notice, if it wants its professional standing in the property sector to be retained.

For as long as these problems are unresolved, we advise potential purchasers to get an experienced local builder to go round the house with them instead.

Who agrees or alternatively, would anyone prefer to defend the RICS?
We’re interested in hearing about readers’ particular experiences during the past year or so.

Posted by: Property Match (UK): The modern way to market houses