Feb 272013

Of course, it’s about time we got it!

It is that Rightmove and their compatriots have no interest, whatsoever, in improving the efficiency of estate agents. All they have is an interest in getting the maximum number of houses advertised through them, on a fairly long-term basis!

It would therefore be to their own advantage if higher asking prices were being set (or encouraged to be set) when ‘the market’ couldn’t take that, as more and more houses would theoretically then need to be advertised with a commensurately larger fee being collected by them!

The idea of actually closing sales deals, is of relatively little interest to such organisations, though for their own benefit, they might like to try and give people the impression they are trying to help the market to work more effectively.

So, why are so many people and their appointed estate agents apparently so bewitched by things like asking prices, that they think the higher they go, the more proficient they are at selling? It’s because people are too easily misled by the so-called professionals, the estate agents.

In actual fact what should be realised is, it’s the number of completed sales in any given time-span that is the true measure of successful agency strategies, not the attractive-looking asking prices each agent manages to contrive.

There needs to be a big change in the way houses are marketed and sold in the UK with full information about exactly what sales achievements are being achieved by each agent.

It’s a great pity that so few estate agents seem to understand the implications of using genuine sales prices, instead of hyped-up asking prices that generally bear little of no relation to reality!

Are YOU interested in the quest to achieve an improvement in this area?

If so, please SUPPORT the proposed amendment to the Estate Agents Act which is to be included in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill currently going through Parliament.

The change will allow business web sites, like Property Match (UK) to provide a genuine introduction service for buyers and sellers, in direct competition with tradition estate agents.

It’s time the ‘monopoly’ of selling houses through estate agents is ended because many of them have gained extremely dubious reputations, a result of the near-monopoly they have enjoyed for far too long.

It’s time to bring in some fresh competition.

Posted by: Property Match (UK): The modern way to market houses