Should more money be made available to be borrowed?

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Jun 242013

I agree with those senior city figures who contend that the proposed ‘help to buy’ scheme will increase the potential for house prices to spiral and then subside.

There has never been a ‘help the market’ stimulus that has not had that effect and, on top of that, doing it in the run up to the next general election seems pretty characteristic of past eras and past failures to me.

To change for the better when helping the housing market to recover, all we need to do is improve the way the market operates - not pump more short-term cash into it; as before. When will we ever learn, that that simply doesn’t work?

Instead, we need to improve the way choices between the properties currently available are made.
By this I mean changing the marketing methods of estate agency from acting mostly from a seller’s viewpoint (as now), to acting for buyers; by also offering a complete service to those buying, if required. Change needs to come from within the house marketing industry and is long overdue.

Valuing the buyers’ input into the housing market should become ‘key’ as they ae the true market makers in actual fact. They are the purchasers. Without purchasers there can be no market. This does not mean finding more ways to help them borrow more and pay more however! They should instead be professionally represented, at least as much as anyone wishing to sell.

The right answer, is for more buying agents to enter the marketplace acting for buyers instead of just having vendor’s agents as now. If you don’t believe me, ask Phil Spencer and friends!

The effect of this would be to smooth the humps and troughs in the housing market and reduce or even eliminate future slumps in levels of transactions in the housing market by allowing the market to function more perfectly in all states of this great nation’s economic cycles. It’s perfectly possible to do this if we should want to.

Who thinks this idea has merit instead of simply trying to pump more finance into the significantly stalled marketplace?

Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

Buyers lose out over valuation delays

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Jun 222013

When things are going well an increasing shortage of surveyors creeps in, to frustrate would-be buyers.  As and when things and not going so well they get rid of the surveyors but then, when things start to get going again, they find there aren’t enough surveyors as a shortage of them starts frustrating would-be buyers then too!

It seems the poor old buyer gets a double dose of trouble, both when things are going well and also after there has been a slump.

We know how to solve this problem - but do you?

Part of the answer is for agents to act for buyers instead of sellers. The other part is to use this to smooth the humps and troughs in the housing market, to reduce or even eliminate future slumps in the housing market and let the good times keep rolling by helping the market to function more perfectly in all states of the economic cycle. It’s perfectly possible to do this if we really want to.

Posted by: Property Match (UK):Press Release: Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

Not sure what was in the Mansion House Speech yet?

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Jun 212013

It appears that just prior to the Manson House Address, the independent report, commissioned as to what to do about errant banker’s behaviour was made ready and published in time for the PM to then gave it his great support in PMQT, in advance of the speech.

The government appears to be ready to round on bankers who take excessive risks but does anyone know quite what is meant by ‘excessive’ one may ask?

My reply is that whatever they are willing to do to protect the public from the errant behaviour of bankers should be mirrored towards estate agency too. After all, these folk control the functionality of the housing market, which is arguably the second most important marketplace in the whole country - at least as far as our national economy is concerned.

Just a passing thought to invite a passing comment!

A Thought to be Shared

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Jun 142013

Here’s a truism if ever there was one! “Everything is changing, all the time, so new things and new ideas are always popping up” I said that!

It’s true whether in house marketing, or in other professional occupations.

Another truism:
Plato is remembered as having said: “The BEGINNING is the most important part of the work.”

I now ponder that ‘everything’ is some sort of beginning, and that that is the only way to get to the end - the place (or outcome) when everything is done perfectly and so everyone becomes perfectly happy and there are no grudges, no disharmonies left.
What a World that would be!

The same has to apply to improvements in estate agency, and/or the alternative, that of selling and letting direct, using the Internet.

Surely no-one can argue that further change is UNnecessary in this (or any other) area of life?

If anyone has any problems with this or: If you think that all you need is ignorance and confidence and that success will be assured, I would say: “It simply isn’t like that”.

However, on the upside, success is not far away - not far at all. All we need is a little more detailed consideration and the success we are talking about here IS assured.

Here’s a proposed route to success:
Ask everyone you deal with, everyday, “What do you actually need?” Listen very carefully to what they may have to say, and act solely to try and help them to gain exactly what they are looking for - irrespective of whether you think it is a good, bad, or indifferent idea.

Success is then assured (for the people you are trying to help) and therefore, by definition, your own success will follow close behind - without further effort being needed to coax it along.

Anyone agree?