Jul 142013

It is rather disturbing to see a typical scenario involving three different estate agents, unfolding just around the corner from where we live.

A quality newly built house has been empty and on the market here for over a year now. The price being asked is, by many local’s standards, a stretch too high to say the least. At first there was one ‘For Sale’ board, then after a prolonged period two boards appeared from different agents.
Now, there are three!

The strange twist, to make matters worse, is that the third board has ‘Sale Agreed’ on it whilst the other two still have ‘For Sale’ and this has been the case for some weeks now.

It cannot possibly have escaped the notice of the one with ‘Sale Agreed’ marked up, that the others still have it ‘For Sale’.
Neither can it have escaped the notice of the two saying the house is still ‘For Sale’, that the third agent is saying that they have already got a sale on it!
The only thing I can imagine is that these three agents must be working in cahoots.

It seems likely that one of them has agreed to put a ‘Sale Agreed’ notice up in order to encourage anyone out there who is still interested in this house to make enquiries with either of the other two agents about whether it is too late to express an interest!

Now, that would have to be a cast iron lead if ever there was one!!

If this is what is really happening, presumably the agent saying it’s ‘sale agreed’ will be sharing the commission with the others.

Our take on this bizarre but not unheard of scenario is, why don’t they simply offer the house at a more sustainable current market price?

If they could have explained the current price levels to the client, it could have been sold and completed ages ago.
That way, antics such as these would have been altogether unnecessary.

I wonder what the owner thinks? I’d love to know

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