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A survey just conducted on behalf of Rightmove says the two biggest problems facing prospective buyers are the sheer cost of homes on sale, and the fact that there are too few of them on the market in the build up to the May 7 election.  The survey of 1,418 people, conducted earlier this month, […]

Here’s the analogy: Sports car driving and running the economy are very similar. The only two active levers needed to get round a corner quickly in a sports car are the steering and the throttle! In the UK housing market, supplying extra finance is like pressing the throttle down while cornering a sports car - […]

The True Cause Of Financial Pressures Within The UK Housing Market

All 7 prospectors have missed the point about the true cause of financial pressures within the UK housing market. Yes, we obviously need much more house construction, preferably mostly on brown field (or previously used) sites but that simply isn’t the whole story. Estate agents, as most of us will know, historically tend to compete […]