They think the problem is the shortage of housing !!

That line is being continually fed to us by those in the ‘banking fraternity‘ wishing to conceal their ongoing but serially cunning plans. So far most people are buying their argument hook line and sinker!

In fact, it’s money marketing surrounding the housing industry that is causing the problem.

The housing shortage scenario is closely tied up with investment banking and (it’s sad to have to say so) with government; and until lenders stop tying up moving house with people having to spend more and more every time they do so there will be an affordability problem - except of course for the relatively few elite higher earners amongst us. These people will keep making themselves more money just by exaggerating this problem.

There is a simple fix but it won’t be used. Why? Because the fix involves having to go against the rich guys, for once.

For more information about what needs to be done, please refer back to the article which we published on our blog some while before the last general election. The link’s below:

Earlier article on our blog site: - full details of our proposals for properly reforming the UK housing market.

If anyone has any questions about these proposals (including by the way Simon Rubinsohn of RICS) they are welcome to communicate with us.

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