Dealing With The UK’s Housing Crisis

Forecasting ‘doom’ in the UK housing market, though potentially useful, does not actually solve anything. I cite the recent research by PwC into house price levels and briefly reported in The Guardian on 22nd July 2015. I say this because to resolve the accelerating crises would require significant work on the infrastructure of the housing market itself.

For example take our nation’s road system. If we want to move increasingly large numbers of cars efficiently around it appropriate road improvements are a fundamental requirement.

The same goes for our housing market. If we want to be able to market and transact sales of increasingly large numbers of houses (to cater for our ever growing core population), improvements in the efficiency of the UK housing market itself are desperately needed and long overdue. Full concentration on the planning and executing of these improvements is absolutely essential to this.
Thinking we can leave it to the market itself to sort out these problems is simply taking the ‘road’ to failure !!

The politicians and their advisors keep kicking these problems back into the long grass instead of trying to deal with them head-on but I have to ask and keep asking them, why?

Are they just pursuing a policy of continuing to stimulate the housing market by maintaining house prices in the hope that this might cascade over into other markets and get the whole UK economy flowing once again?

For information on the only way to achieve due success in dealing with the current housing market problems and helping countless numbers of households to live a better life in the process, please refer to the previously written (but little known or commented upon) “Hendry Solution”.

Earlier article published on this blog site. This gives full details of our proposals for resolving the price inefficiencies within the UK housing market.

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

A recently released report from economists at the accountancy firm PwC predicts that house price rises of 5% p.a. and a shortage of affordable homes will force the size of required initial deposits to lock huge numbers of people out of the property market completely.

For an extract of this report please see the article in The Guardian: -
Report from economists at the accountancy firm PwC

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