About Property Match (UK) blog:


Whats going on in the housing economy?

Lets work out how to perfect the property market together.

This is where you get to say whatever you want to - about all property-related issues.

The reason for setting up this blog is so that people with relevant property experience can express their concerns publicly, about cyclical booms and busts in house prices in the UK and say what they see as the fundamental reasons for this.

The objective is to find truly workable solutions which damp down or even eliminate such tendencies, as this would serve to help the housing market to operate more efficiently.

Our aim is to work with people to create a UK housing market which is much more stable than before.  This would result in almost constant transactional activity. This in turn, would clearly have very significant economic benefits for the whole UK.
Achieving it would be self-help by the Internet community, though Coalition Government involvement would of course, be extremely beneficial and would help greatly to speed things along.

The main issue:
Since the cost of housing is an economic ‘negative’ from the viewpoint of national competitiveness and productivity, it is vitally important that our housing market should function more perfectly than it is.

It could help to start the vital and overdue economic recovery that this Nation needs, and point the way for other democratic Nations suffering similar housing stock imbalances.

Current thinking suggests that using the Internet as a direct resource, would help to improve the housing market by getting people moving house efficiently, for the first time in very many years.

Please give us your thoughts:-
Someone important may read them and actually do something about what you have to say.
Its time to enhance communication and understanding, with everyone, freely.

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