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The house-price crisis is continuing, resulting in prices far outstripping average buyers’ resources. Uniquely, I believe that the only way to restore market activity and establish satisfactory sales volumes again, would be for the estate agents themselves to change their methods and become like ‘finder consultants’. Compare them, for a moment, with employment agents that […]

Cash from crime lords is forcing house prices up as they launder billions of pounds worth of ill-gotten gains by making property purchases in Britain. What’s worse is that many large houses bought in this way then remain empty as they are not actually required for be lived in at all! The Telegraph recently published […]

Forecasting ‘doom’ in the UK housing market, though potentially useful, does not actually solve anything. I cite the recent research by PwC into house price levels and briefly reported in The Guardian on 22nd July 2015. I say this because to resolve the accelerating crises would require significant work on the infrastructure of the housing […]

Martin Ellis, Chief Housing Economist at Halifax is recently quoted as saying: “Economic growth, higher employment, increasing real earnings growth and very low mortgage rates, are all supporting housing demand, with signs of a recent modest pick-up in demand.” However, we would add that stock of property for sale on agents’ books remains low. It’s […]

It is said to be transforming Britain into a better, more prosperous country - of self-reliant families, rescued from welfare dependency at last being empowered to enjoy the dignity and the rewards of adequately paid work. What do you think? Well, on the property side of things I can see that, fundamentally, we still have […]

Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, said (according to BBC reports around the 2nd July 2015): “House price growth continues to outpace earnings …” What does this say about the way the housing market currently operates? It says there is something fundamentally wrong with it! The French authorities appear to be doing little to curb flagrant […]

That line is being continually fed to us by those in the ‘banking fraternity‘ wishing to conceal their ongoing but serially cunning plans. So far most people are buying their argument hook line and sinker! In fact, it’s money marketing surrounding the housing industry that is causing the problem. The housing shortage scenario is closely […]

The housing market is crippled by its marketing methods, not by an insufficient supply of properties available to sell. In other words, if marketing methods for houses going up for sale were better, more properties would have been going on sale and more activity in the marketplace would have ensued. There needs to be a […]

A survey just conducted on behalf of Rightmove says the two biggest problems facing prospective buyers are the sheer cost of homes on sale, and the fact that there are too few of them on the market in the build up to the May 7 election.  The survey of 1,418 people, conducted earlier this month, […]

Here’s the analogy: Sports car driving and running the economy are very similar. The only two active levers needed to get round a corner quickly in a sports car are the steering and the throttle! In the UK housing market, supplying extra finance is like pressing the throttle down while cornering a sports car - […]