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By Peter Hendry, Web Site Manager, Property match (UK).
To put the record straight, for the benefit of any practicing estate agents reading this, I’ve nothing against you either personally or professionally.
My aspiration is to try and help you as a group, using the 30+ years of experience I’ve amassed in the residential property sector, but [...]

“West-facing is the new South-facing?” Naw! mate, it ain’t.
Clearly, in presenting a single 1 hour programme, looking for a positive outcome, even Mary Portas was going to find it difficult to delve into the intricacies and expose the plethora of less good practices in the complex world of estate agency.
She instead focussed on their ‘customer’ [...]

The most disturbing thing of all, about estate agents’ activities is: - They are in actual fact in business to actively encourage as many vendors as possible to place their houses up for sale at any one time. They do this by simply exaggerating the prices these house may be sold for. As [...]

Its similar to when builders underquote for a building project, and then hope to get a supplementary payment to cover the underquote so that they can make a profit on the job in the end; estate agents are working on an exactly similar, but opposite principle.
Estate agents expect to overquote, or exaggerate the value of [...]

We must focus on the PROCESS, and not on the outcome. Being scared by what we need to do to achieve the outcome, just defeats the whole process.
There has to be a way of keeping the housing market fluid, even when there are successive stalls in the main economy. It differs from the main [...]

Call for agents to ‘have to buy properties’ they cannot sell

The following article was originally published on Estate Agent Today, on 15th October 2010.
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Peter Hendry’s EAT Blog.
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It’s time to face the music and address the house price problem.
The Estate Agents Act should be amended, so that estate agents have a legal responsibility [...]

Quite a few mainstream economists may well assume that prices in the housing market are something that can and will sort themselves out; and that intervention is generally an unnecessary evil.
This is understandable, since to intervene in any market is something that no Government or organisation should ever do lightly.
However, the problems that have developed [...]

I’m putting these ideas into the public domain without wanting to gain from them financially, even if they are taken up Universally!
The government should now amend the Estate Agent Acts to give agents a responsibility to sell a house at, or near, the price they suggest it is worth.
If they fail, within a previously agreed [...]

I’m not being angry and not trying to be controversial when I say that the Government should look into the whole debacle on house prices, and make agents more financially responsible, whenever they get their clients’ house prices patently wrong.
We have seen house prices seesaw over the past couple of years and are likely to [...]

Realising the importance of what is done next in Downing Street, we have written a short technical paper outlining how the housing market may effectively be improved to benefit the majority in the house-owning community.
One of the main problems facing government in the immediate short-term future is to find a way of keeping the housing [...]